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Our Mission

Deliver Quality Legal Counsel

We work tirelessly to provide you with the best advice, guidance, and representation for your legal needs. Whether it is a complex, ground-breaking international business matter or simply the creation of a new one member limited liability company, we strive to deliver the same quality legal counsel we would hope to receive if we ever needed to retain our own lawyers.


02. Be Fair with Pricing

Invoices shouldn't be a cause for surprise, and this is why we attempt to always inform clients of when and where their dollars are being expended. Although we always investigate any ethical, legal basis to recover fees and costs from opposing parties, clients should be prepared to support their causes of action without the expectation of reimbursement. As such, we are especially keen on keeping our pricing fair and reasonable, so that our clients continue to engage our services for decades to come.



For the Public Good

"Pro Bono Publico" is a Latin phrase (often shortened to simply "pro bono") for professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment. Unlike traditional volunteer work, pro bono work specifically refers to professionals (such as lawyers, doctors, or accountants) who use their specialized skills to provide services to those who are unable to afford them.

We sincerely believe that each professional has a genuine obligation to help the communities in which they live and work. It is in the delivery of these services, without financial compensation, that we build the public trust in the legal profession and give thanks for the bountiful kindness and generosity that we receive daily from G-d, our families, friends, and communities.

If you know of a worthwhile individual or organization that could potentially benefit from our assistance, please contact us via phone at 813-949-9595, or via e-mail at pro.bono@pazlaw.com.

Quality Legal Counsel at a Fair Price.

Dear Reader,

We believe that the best method by which to measure our clients’ satisfaction is to see if and when we get referrals. You’ll see in our New Client Intake Form a question about how you heard of us, and I consider that to be an important inquiry.

To me, referrals means that we’re making a difference by delivering quality legal counsel and advocacy at a fair price. We’re very client-focused and results-driven, and work hard to be the type of law firm you’d swear by, and not at.

I can’t guarantee you that we can always get the results you want or that we have the lowest hourly rates you’ll find. Candidly, I would recommend a hasty retreat from any lawyer that makes any guarantee about results to you, and as for costs... remember, we rely on our clients for new business, so our rates seem to usually be considered a fair price for value received.

If you decide to trust PazLaw with your legal needs, I’m confident you’ll be glad you did.

Sincerely, Vincent Pazienza